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Better together

The Plexus ‘whole of life’ healthcare model opens up exceptional opportunities for trusted advisors who share our belief in a better system. This is your chance to be part of a prosocial form of healthcare that aims to benefit society as a whole. Our trusted advisors see past the patient to understand the person, each with their own unique physical and emotional needs.

Plexus has opened up exciting new career opportunities across our growing service divisions. Thanks to our progressive aged care services, the doctors and nurses we employ or contract today provide medical and nursing services to approximately 1,383 residents across 39 residential aged care facilities throughout Western Australia, Queensland and Victoria. And we’ve just begun our rollout of medical centres, creating jobs for passionate GPs to deliver localised, whole of life healthcare in Western Australia and Victoria, with plans to expand into communities across the country.

Moving forward, Plexus aims to strengthen our current offering by providing residential aged care facilities with exclusive after-hours ‘deputising’ care, with the ultimate aim of making healthcare available to residents 24/7. In the near future, we are exploring adding a complementary ‘life transition’ advisory that allows Plexus to broaden its offering by helping people make good decisions as they transition through middle to later life stage. It is expected that both of these additions will open the door to more career opportunities over time.

Why Plexus

Our philosophy is all about providing continuity of care and making a difference in communities. We don’t just want doctors – we want doctors who love providing the best care.

Be the GP
you want to be

Plexus is currently looking to partner with general practitioners who are passionate about delivering the highest quality of care to residents in aged care homes across Australia. Our people are our purpose – working as a team is what makes our mission possible.

For your commitment to healthcare with a conscience, we reward GPs with the optimal work-life balance.


    Excellent salary packages

    Starting at $275k p.a.


    Career pathways

    Support for ongoing education and career development in areas such as palliative care, geriatrics and pain management.


    Rewarding work

    This is your chance to make a meaningful difference to lives and generate positive feedback from families.


    Excellent support

    A collaborative team of nurses (and other care providers) will help you get organised so you can provide the best care, to more patients. 

    Design your own GP Job


    Build patient relationships

    Our roster system allows you to get to know your patients and provide high quality continuity of care.


    Build your own schedule

    Choose how you want to structure your week.


    Traditional working week

    Enjoy a balanced lifestyle (no working weekends or after hours).


    Free up time

    Work close to home and take advantage of the short commute.